Digital talent analysis

Barcelona & Madrid

Everything you need to know about the most sought-after companies, salaries and positions in the tech sector in Madrid and Barcelona, in a single free downloadable report created in collaboration with Talent Up.  Boom!

All the data on the tech job market in Barcelona and Madrid, in detail

We have teamed up with Talent Up,  specialists in salary and talent data analysis, to create a comprehensive report with all the data on the tech sector in Madrid and Barcelona. What are the most in-demand positions? How many vacancies are there for each type of position? What are the current salary ranges in both cities? Find out this and much more in the report. Download it now, it's free! 


  • Frontend developer
  • Java developer
  • Android developer
  • Back end developer
  • Full Stack developer

  • Data engineer
  • Devops engineer
  • Php developer
  • .Net developer
  • QA Engineer


  • Madrid
  • Barcelona

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