Goodbye Holidays. Hello routine.

Do you feel that you don’t  have the strength to endure the entire working day? Do you think the system is badly organized? Does a huge sadness flood you and you feel lifeless? Do you think you only live to work?

You may be suffering from post-holiday syndrome. Don’t worry, it is something, we have all suffered at sometime. Personally, I am especially sensitive to these mini traumas during the year. But there is good news! It is estimated that its duration varies between two and six weeks.

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Making a break of two or three weeks to enjoy the long-awaited holidays can have negative consequences when you return. Does this mean that you have to abolish vacations or rest a few days? Of course not!!

In those days of rest we change our habits, we dedicate more time to our hobbies, to rest, to enjoy more leisure, nature, our family and friends and ourselves … If we really disconnect (it is said that from the second week is when we really start to disconnect), it is possible that on the way back we will come face to face with the stress, the high rhythm and hours sitting in a chair. Yes, indeed, it is a slap in the face with reality.

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How can we combat its effects?

If you have little time left to return to your routine …

  • You can try to make small changes in your daily habits so that they get closer to what awaits you when you return, for example, you can go to bed earlier and try to get up early.
  •  It is recommended not to return from your holidays (if you are abroad) just the day before returning to work.

If you have already returned to work …

  • Take care of your diet. There are foods that will make it easier for us: nuts will give you energy, chocolate will help us to be happier, do not forget bananas and pineapple and their contribution of tryptophan that will give you vitality and to increase your good humour, fish blue (sardines, anchovies …).
  • Return to exercising. Exercise will make you relax by releasing stress and you will sleep better.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself. Surround yourself with positive and cheerful people. This sensation will pass quickly and is not worth the negativity.
  • Give yourself small pleasures a day: a relaxing shower, a piece of dark chocolate after dinner, a glass of wine or ten minutes of meditation …
  • Propose new projects, new trips, something that makes you have an extra illusion and something to think about with a smile.

If you finally consider that even doing all this you do not want to go every day to work, maybe it’s a good time to rethink what you want to do with your life: freelance? entrepreneur? Looking for a new challenge in another company? Whatever you decide, fight for what you like and what makes you happy, but don’t let that feeling go unnoticed!

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