Not all the recruiters are bad

Recruiter.- it says a human resources specialist who looks for and chooses certain candidates for positions, usually very specific.

However, what happens if we search for “recruiters” in Google right now?

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Recruiters are … liars, lazy, demons, annoying, etc …

Well, we are not surprised by the words that appear but I would like to explain more thoroughly what it means to be a recruiter and try to change the vision or perception you have.

Today, without going any further, I have read a critique of recruiters in general, saying that they only focus on hiring “seniors” profiles (of about 5 years of experience) and leave aside juniors and the more senior.

Normally those who decide the requirements of the profiles to select are the clients that hire the service or, if the search is internal, the head of the department in question with whom the candidate will work. In no case does the recruiter have the power to make such decisions; at most, if there is trust, you can make suggestions based on your experience.

Another common criticism towards “talent acquisition”, “talent developers”, “headhunters”, “recruiters” or whatever we want to call them, is that they “spam” professionals with standard templates and send confusing messages with little information. I accept the evidence, it is totally true!

It is a classic to find phrases such as: “leading international company in the e-commerce sector located in the center of Barcelona”, “competitive salary range in the market”, “position that adapts to the trajectory of your professional career“, etc etc…

Companies should reflect and put the focus on working on the messages, applying good practices and transmiting to people the information they really need to know to assess a professional change. No more bullshit please !!!

The negative impact caused by assigning KPIs linked to the recruiter’s activity volume is unquestionable (number of calls, number of interviews, visits to clients, etc …) and distances us from offering a humane and quality treatment to both the candidate and the client. As time goes by, this fact undermines the world of recruitment and the figure of the recruiter. Do you think it makes sense to put KPIs that focus on volume when it comes to people and not products?

How many recruiters are under pressure to meet the goal of monthly closures (no matter what happens) because their position is in danger?

This causes a number of errors that are then susceptible to criticism, and rightly so!:

  • Copy paste messages with wrong names
  • Lack of feedback to candidates due to the multitude of processes that are managed and that are not 100% worked on
  • Lack of information about the project
  • Ignorance of the real needs of the client
  • And the most dangerous! Wanting to incorporate someone who “shoehorns” into a project that really is not to their liking

As it happens in all sectors, there will be recruiters who dedicate themselves to it as they could have been dedicated to anything else that gives them a monthly salary, while there will be others who do it because they love their job. I think it’s not fair that the entire group has earned a bad image because of one side, but despite this, we have the opportunity to self reflect and get into gear to be able to create memorable experiences and, above all, change the life of people.

How exciting when a person accepts an offer! And I do not say this just because the process is closed, but because inside you know that you have helped him and that you have looked for what you thinks suits him best. In counterpart you solve a problem for the client or for the hiring manager of your company who has spent weeks or months sweating to find the ideal profile.

I AM RECRUITER and I say it with great pride and with the hope that it will be for many years. I have made hundreds of mistakes and I’m sure there will be many more, but I will always strive to improve, learn from my colleagues, from the competition, from my clients or from anyone.

As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said and the great Küpeers repeats whenever he can: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving you feeling a little better and happier when you leave.”

We should feel fortunate because we belong to the minority of professions that are capable of changing the future or the destiny of others.

I don’t know about you, but the years go by and every time I manage to close a recruitment process I am invaded by a mix of emotions difficult to describe with words; It’s like when they ask you: what do you like to give or receive? I, without a doubt, prefer to give, but I can’t explain why … they are feelings !!

Thanks everyone!

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