The best recruiters are real salespeople

The best recruiters are real salespeople

If you are in human resources, do not be offended by what I am going to say!

Every day I am more convinced that the best headhunters are AUTHENTIC SELLERS!

With “authentic” I mean they know how to interpret the contextual value of the candidate and in an interview they are able to assess whether they can offer a better project or not. (I’m not talking about those who send messages right and left for the sole purpose of meeting billing targets at the end of the month).

But … and … why “sellers”?

Because like us …


  •  Investigate, prepare, read the media, blogs, newsletters, etc.
  •  You devote a lot of time to prospecting well so that the whole process flows.
  •  Attend networking events or meetups to learn.
  •  Care to reinforce your personal brand and think long-term.
  •  Know when to throw in the towel if the professional is not interested.
  •  Use the “appropriate” channel and you make the “correct” presentation.
  •  When you finish an interview you always leave the “next steps” clear.
  •  Follow the candidates and always give feedback (positive or negative).
  •  Are agile when answering or sending reports / CV’s.
  •  Have the ATS always up to date.
  •  Thanks to your hard work the candidates themselves recommend you.
  •  You optimize time and you know what percentage of the week you block with tasks, what days are better for interviews, etc.

Wow! Don’t you think it’s amazing how many common points there are between a good salesperson and a good headhunter?

To those “authentic sellers“, commonly called “recruiters”, who care about helping others obtain what they cannot get for themselves, who are perseverant and who never lose the enthusiasm for continuing to learn:

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