IT Job Market Insights: Noticias, tendencias, tips e ideas

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Cada mes te compartiremos entrevistas con profesionales TOP del mundo IT, consejos muy variados, info & tendencias del mercado, infografías y todo lo que te pueda aportar valor.

Documentaries on technology on Netflix. From movies funded by the streaming service itself to documentaries produced by large and small companies.
What are those skills that separate each category between programmers? Let’s find out.
In these times of crisis, when social isolation is the best option to control the pandemic, working from home is more than an option, a must. Here some tips!
We rarely have the information of those languages ​​with which coders prefer not to work. Found it here!
If you like to solve problems creatively, these books will lead you to become an expert programmer and they should be in your library.
During the hiring process, you may no longer be interested in a job, or maybe a more attractive offer appears. Discover how gracefully to say NO.
Let’s review these 10 technological inventions predicted by the Simpsons 🤙
Obviously, there´s no place like home, and computer-based jobs and IT services are perfect for this advancement.
Statistics do not lie: in technology-related sectors, only 17% to 20% of the workforce are female.
Each city on our list has earned the right to be a part of the global startup revolution and therefore gaining the benefits of job creation, economic growth and innovation.
Working at home has great advantages, but at the same time it forces us to be disciplined and not to get carried away by laziness or household obligations.
Entrevista a Wenceslao García, Co-Founder & CEO de Marketgoo