Remote work is keeping
global business alive
⚡️right now

We’ve got a growing pool of talented, skills-tested Java, PHP and Node.js developers ready to dive into international projects.

They are experienced, highly skilled
and cost you a lot less.

tricky hiring talent

from abroad

Remote developers are clearly more affordable, but...
  • Won’t it take forever to find + onboard them?
  • How do you test their skills?
  • How much should you pay them?
  • What if they’re not a good fit?
  • Aren’t tech recruiters expensive?

Here’s where we come in and
make this possible

Our fees

Recruiters charge up to 10K for a good in-house developer. We charge just €1450 if you find the right candidate – zero if you don’t.
(Our base fee is temporarily waived!)

Candidates you can trust

We have our own rigorous technical skills test – if they excel, it’s because they seriously rock at Java, PHP or Node.js

Much faster than searching yourselves

It can take weeks to find and evaluate top candidates, especially from abroad. We can get you the right people within a week.

We help you determine salary

Believe us, you will pay a lot less than for in-office candidates. We’ll explain when you get in touch.

We are quite
selective 🥇

Not just when it comes to candidates – but also when it comes to companies. If you’ve received this, it’s because we have decided you are a company we want our candidates to work at.

"GetWith is like an extension of our team. Their fresh and effective approach help us reach the best talent. They are not a recruitment company - they have a completely new approach to hiring that helps Plain Concepts grow."

Quique Martínez

Partner & GM

"GetWith helped us improve recruitment in terms of agility, speed, flexibility and cultural fit. They listen, care, challenge, contribute and are a strategic partner for any HR team.”

Javier Alcón

HR Specialist

“We trust GetWith because they keep things personal and customized – and they move fast. Our success at AttackIQ comes from the quality of our engineers, and GetWith has been able to find us the right candidates to keep up with our growth."

Albert López

Senior Director - Software Engineering

“GetWith is has deep expertise in the IT sector. They are transparent, humble and 100% focused on the needs of the client.”

Alba Santacreu

Head of People, Talent and Culture

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