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Ready to stop shuffling from boring job to boring job, and finally connect with an exciting role + project that will bring you a life of happy Mondays?

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GetWith is the perfect union of two elements that unite to save you from a life of developer mediocrity (and job-hunting hell): our mentors and our team.


GetWith has joined forces with a community of tech industry mentors with big vision and tons of experience – who are truly delighted to give passionate developers like you the advice, guidance and IT job market knowledge you need to make smart decisions and stay in the game longterm. Totally vital to your success!
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We are a solid team of candidate-company connectors with deep knowledge of IT hiring and a natural talent for matching developers who want to start something big with exceptional companies that want amazing teams. We make the whole end-to-end hiring process easy and enjoyable!
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How can our mentors help you?

You can get in touch with them, explain your situation and ask them questions like:

  • What possibilities are available to me in IT (what do companies most need right now)?
  • Is leadership my thing? Should I move in that direction or just increase my skills set as a developer?
  • I’ve been working on a project for a while, but don’t know what to do in the future. How can I try or learn new things?
  • What do companies most value and how I can improve in order to be an ideal candidate?

Mentor Showcase

Alessandro Pintaudi

Product Lead

Alex Casquete

Data & AI Principal Tech Lead
Plain Concepts

Mauro Gómez

Team Lead / VP of Engineering

Eduard Tomàs

Cloud Principal Tech Lead
Plain Concepts

Nil Portugués

Team Lead & Software Engineer

Albert Roig

Chief Technology Officer
Aba English

Joakim Vivas

Solutions Architect | Multipotential

Amazing Grace

Computer scientist engineer

Connect with a mentor!

Once in our developer base (totally free to BTW) you can get a personal introduction to any mentor you want to connect with. Just send us a mail at and tell us a bit about yourself and your situation (and also indicate if there is a specific mentor you’d like to connect with). You’ll get a response within 36 hours!