1. Start by checking our current offers and signing up to our developer base so we can view your profile on LinkedIn and/or GitHub and connect with you when we think we’ve found a fit.

2. We’ll get in touch as soon as we see something we think you’ll love. The process from there is smooth – we introduce you as our star candidate, help you interview – even negotiate your salary for you!

3. If your dream job hasn’t appeared yet, don’t worry! We find out about new opportunities dailyand will get discretely in touch when we think we’ve got a match for you. No spamming ever!

You always sign with our client who hires you, never us. We just facilitate every part of the process from initial contact to salary negotiation to onboarding.

We also don’t work with outsourcers or third parties who want to grab our candidates and place them elsewhere. We like to keep things simple,direct and clear.

We have the most demand for software developers that work with Java, Python, Javascript (React, Angular, Vue and future frameworks), C ++, C, C #, .NET and PHP. If you are interested in learning more of these technologies so you can be a stronger candidate, get in touch with us!

We are always happy to meet people who love the IT world and have a desire to learn every day and contribute their best skills.

We want professionals who know how and where they want to work, who are interested in challenging the status quo and who are excited about the idea of being part of an innovative team/ project.

We work with all-sized companies (startups, SMEs and multinationals) from different countries across the US, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. What they have in common is that great IT teams are fundamental to their business model, they share our pro-employee values, and they are an industry reference for the tech stack or product they offer.

Most positions that we have are not full-remote, but feel free to browse our jobs anytime because they do pop up! Also keep in mind that the companies we work with provide unique environmentsthat are enjoyable and exciting – they might even inspire you to go back to the office ; )

Our team members are nothing like those impersonal recruiters that are spamming you on LinkedIn. They want to get to know you so they can help you find a position that feels great and fits your personal and professional goals. They will never spam you silly offers or disappear halfway through the process. We know the traditional recruiting approach sucks and are extremely candidate-centric, efficient and human.

We get to know you and offer you project(s) that we think fit you best. It’s always possible that we won’t find what you are looking for, but we have a great track record for matching our candidates with roles they love at very cool companies.

Our team members are like the reps that connect football stars with the clubs that best fit them. They focus on finding your the right environment where you’ll feel at home and be able to grow and thrive and best use your skills and talents.

At the moment, all our positions are within EU countries, so we can only match candidates that are legally able to work in the EU (either EU citizens or internationals with valid work permits).

We can’t help you get a visa – we can just point you here so you can investigate the process: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/working-schengen-visa/

We have a team of mentors who are available to help anyone in our developer base that needs advice, guidance or information. Each mentor is an expert in a particular tech area and has impressive skills and a big desire to help other developers thrive in the industry.

Our mentors are more than happy to share their knowledge about trending skills (what they are and how to develop them), salaries (what to expect), anything that is relevant to working in IT. We can hook you up with a mentor at any time. Meet the mentors.

No! GetWith is a completely free service for job seekers. No hidden fees of any kind. You just joinour developer base, check our offers regularly, and keep a positive mindset!

We’re kind of horrified by how most IT recruiters do things. But, then, that’s exactly
why we exist – we started GetWith to give developers a sane alternative that actually
works. Here’s how we are different:

Companies don't choose us – we choose them! What does that mean? It means we
go after companies where we ourselves would want to work. Companies with good
vibes and exciting projects, companies that offer flexibility and perks – and pay their
people for their great skills!

Developers always stay in touch with us after they get placed. They appreciate the
love we put into every single interaction. Forget spamming or being mysterious
about job offers or disappearing after job-bombing you. We do none of that – and we
actually care about your needs, your interests and your long term happiness!

We count on a team of seriously talented tech mentors with expertise in specific
skills areas. They keep us sharp on tech trends, help us design tech skills tests that
are fun and challenging and give you great feedback. They also try hard to be
available to answer questions you might have about companies, roles or the jobs

The companies we hire for generally let us handle the skills testing, which we love!
Our tech mentors know exactly how to showcase your best skills, so they help us
create cool coding challenges. They’re fun to take, never too long and we always give
you feedback.


GetWith is actually not an employment platform at all. Employment platforms use machine algorithms to connect humans, which we think is a bit weird ; )
How can a machine decide who is most likely to be a leader, a fast problem solver, a great communicator who grooves with your company culture and is thrilled about your project?

This is exactly what we evaluate and measure in every candidate, in addition to making sure they are top talent in terms of tech skills and experience.
GetWith handpicks the candidates that best match your company so you don’t get stuck with a high turnover bill.

We’re from Barcelona, so we’ve got a lot going on here (mostly in Barcelona and
Madrid) but we also work with companies in Germany, the UK, US, France,
Norway, Finland – anywhere a cool company is looking for talented, hardworking
developers to fill its full-time remote positions.

We work with all-sized companies (startups, SMEs and multinationals) from different countries across the US, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. What they have in common is that great IT teams are fundamental to their business model, they share our pro-employee values, and they are an industry reference for the tech stack or product they offer.

Our mentors continually improve the quality of the candidates in our developer base, and also help us evaluate incoming candidates. Each mentor is an expert in a particular area of tech and knows how to steer candidates toward the most sought-after skills, tech stacks, etc.

They also know what developers want, so they can help companies create more attractive offers. They keep us sharpand on top and make sure we are choosing the right candidate for the job.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You only pay if we find you a team member, and the charge is 15-20% of your new employee’s gross annual salary (which is far below what you will find with similar services). The percentage will depend on factors like search volume, exclusivityand the type of role you need filled.

A lot! Companies who count on us to scale up their teams have a clear talent advantage over the rest. We speed up hiring, reduce the margin of error and make the end-to-end process a positive experience for you and your teams, so everyone enjoys a smooth start.

Here’s what’s unique about GetWith:


GetWith is a team of senior HR professionals with deep knowledge of the IT industry. Each has specific experience with a particular type of company (startup vs. multinational) and is well-versed in top trends, salaries, and what matters most to employees. Not to mention that they are kind, enthusiastic, professional and uber-competent!


We love how technology improves and speeds up processes, so we are always willing to try the latest tools the market is raving about. If we like them, we keep them, and you benefit from them!


We’ve got a skilled mentor in place for each hiring area (development, product leadership, analytics, etc.) They keep our candidates sharp, informed, and equipped with the industry’s most wanted skills sets. They also help us validate top candidates to make sure they have what it takes to make a difference in your company.


Hiring is often the first time the public interacts with your brand, so we make sure you make a great and memorable first impression. We take the time to get to know your company, organizational culture, quirks and needs, and present you to the world in the best light.


We do our homework well before sending you anyone. Our candidates are not only talented, highly skilled and a great cultural fit, they are also excited to begin a new adventure! We lead the entire hiring process for you, stay in close contact with candidates and give you 100% visibility of all activity.

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