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Interview with Wenceslao García, Co-Founder & CEO of Marketgoo
higest paid programming
But what are the highest paid programming languages?
It is time for us to see gender as a spectrum instead of two opposite ideals.
Surprising results from HackerRank’s scoring of over 1.5 million developers across 50 countries! Here are the TOP 10!
7 ways to pimp up your job perks

7 ways to pimp up your job perks

7 ways to pimp up your job perks. How to make great developers fall in love with your company
So here we present some of the most common questions and their perfect answers, so that you go a little more prepared.
What do the world's leading leaders do to find, gather and keep talented employees?

Not all recruiters are bad

We have the opportunity to self reflect and get into gear to be able to create memorable experiences and, above all, change the life of people.
Leadership is not about the leader, it's about the team, but it starts with the leader.
java developer interview
To get a good position you need to face lots of Java developer interview questions.
Wow! Don’t you think it's amazing how many common points there are between a good salesperson and a good headhunter?
80% of employees who accept a counteroffer leave the company in less than 6 months!