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Surprising results from HackerRank’s scoring of over 1.5 million developers across 50 countries! We would have put our money on the US and India as coding bigwigs, but neither even made the top 25! 🤦‍♂️ Developers were tested on a range of challenges — from Algorithms to Java to AI, Python and Data Structures —
7 ways to pimp up your job perks
7 ways to pimp up your job perks. How to make great developers fall in love with your company
What do the world's leading leaders do to find, gather and keep talented employees?

Not all recruiters are bad

We have the opportunity to self reflect and get into gear to be able to create memorable experiences and, above all, change the life of people.
Leadership is not about the leader, it's about the team, but it starts with the leader.
Wow! Don’t you think it's amazing how many common points there are between a good salesperson and a good headhunter?
80% of employees who accept a counteroffer leave the company in less than 6 months!
Prospecting makes the difference between a good seller and an ordinary one, and if done well, it reduces the effort to close the sale.
Portada Más-artistas-y-menos-MBA´s

More artists and less MBAs

You know that you have a specific talent when others ask you to help them because they tell you that nobody does it like you and because they also feel that your work is better.
La-evolución-del-recruiting2 (1) (1)

The evolution of recruiting

This change of model, to Recruiting 2.0, has also empowered candidates 🤙
Sin música la vida sería un error
We currently live in a world so chaotic that many times we ignore something as beneficial as music, the best medicine for the soul 🎵
Undoubtedly, to have the best team, it is convenient to be proactive and not reactive, but we must not forget that chronic problems are due to bad processes and not to bad people.