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Modern work crosses the boundaries of schedules and is present all the time in people's lives. How can companies help to manage it better?
Discover the main insights we have extracted from the analysis of our code testing and other companies that test for developers. Get a better understanding of the candidate recruitment market.
We have decided to analyze which remote work tools are used by large companies in the industry (Buffer, Zapier) related to process automation.
Today, Artificial Intelligence can help us in many important processes in the HR department. We analyze here which ones.
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here, several reasons why you should not fear failing a technical interview for a programmer's position. Keep calm & have fun.
Code reviews have many advantages: they allow you to objectify the recruitment process and are scalable. We analyze it in depth according to each type of company
Here we will review 4 practices that could be improved in the recruitment process, when we refer to gender diversity.
Unify and improve your team's work with three basic strategies to improve their performance in complex projects.

Teambuilding in times of pandemic

We recommend some activities that you can do with your team to do team-building from telework.
What does a Tech Recruiter need to master to be successful? We analyze in depth one of the most complex and specialized professions
segundo lenguaje programacion aprender
If you already master a programming language, we suggest how to learn your second language by maximizing the time and opportunity
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Although all companies have their own manual when hiring, here we have tried to gather the most common questions that are asked to a software developer during the hiring process