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Unify and improve your team's work with three basic strategies to improve their performance in complex projects.

Teambuilding in times of pandemic

We recommend some activities that you can do with your team to do team-building from telework.
What does a Tech Recruiter need to master to be successful? We analyze in depth one of the most complex and specialized professions
segundo lenguaje programacion aprender
If you already master a programming language, we suggest how to learn your second language by maximizing the time and opportunity
questions software programming
Although all companies have their own manual when hiring, here we have tried to gather the most common questions that are asked to a software developer during the hiring process
compromiso empleados
Recognizing the work of your employees is essential to improve the functioning of the company. Find out how to create a good program here.
computacion cuantica

4 reasons to bet on quantum computing

The quantum computer is coming and will be a revolutionary technology at the computer level. we'll show you some sources to initiate you in the quantum computation
Tips and advice to improve the commitment of our employees to the objectives and challenges of the company
sensitive people
We analyze from an HR perspective the main features of highly sensitive people: how to empower them in the company.
Discover the best Youtube channels where you can start training and specializing in Data Science
We analyzed the importance of color on a psychological level when creating a recognizable and solvent brand.
deep learning machine learning
We explain with business oriented examples what are the differences between Deep Learning and Machine Learning