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The marketing of human resources

What benefits does it have for the company that HR managers have a marketing vision and also know how to act accordingly?

How did the interview go?

So, what better than being able to provide almost immediate feedback? Not only from the recruiters, but also from the "technical interviewer".

Goodbye Holidays. Hello routine.

You may be suffering from post-holiday syndrome. How can we combat its effects? 👊
The world economy is experiencing a revolution in the demand for freelance professionals and, increasingly, companies are looking for very specific profiles to meet certain needs.
For you to become a good leader, it all starts with knowing how to choose the right people with whom you will work best.
If you have an Infojobs business account you can see when was the last day of connection of the candidate in question.

The emotional salary

Offering an original emotional benefit and which is in tune with your values ​​can help you to position the brand, attract talent and generate more impact 😉
In my personal case, investigating methodologies and tools helps me to be more creative and to optimize our processes.

Candidate Journey Map

How to design the Candidate Journey Map 🤙 What are the benefits of applying it?
Do you want to know what are the main challenges that the HR department in the technological and digital sector will have to face over the next few years?

Never Stop Dreaming

We run in the opposite direction from the way of working of the big traditional consultancies 😀