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make extra money
As a programmer, you can find lot of opportunities out there to add to your income maintaining your current full-time job. Let’s review some of them.
code reviews
The ability to see and correct errors by ourselves is an essential skill for every developer. Discover how to perform a code review to improve your code!
If you are one of those gifted with good human relationships, you are a perfect candidate to work in recruitment or human resources. But, what's the difference between them?
principio de Peter
In the 1986 book "The Peter Principle”, the scholar apparently jokingly stated what is in fact a great truth: the best workers turn out to be bad bosses. We'll get depth into that subject.

JavaScript Trends in 2020

JScript continues to be, by far, the preferred programming, markup and scripting language among developers worldwide.
Documentaries on technology on Netflix. From movies funded by the streaming service itself to documentaries produced by large and small companies.
What are those skills that separate each category between programmers? Let’s find out.
working alone from home
In these times of crisis, when social isolation is the best option to control the pandemic, working from home is more than an option, a must. Here some tips!
worst language to develop
We rarely have the information of those languages ​​with which coders prefer not to work. Found it here!
developer programming books
If you like to solve problems creatively, these books will lead you to become an expert programmer and they should be in your library.
turn off offer
During the hiring process, you may no longer be interested in a job, or maybe a more attractive offer appears. Discover how gracefully to say NO.
the simpsons invention
Let’s review these 10 technological inventions predicted by the Simpsons 🤙