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    1 ➜ Your first name

    2 ➜ Your last name

    3 ➜ Best email to reach you

    4 ➜ Where do you currently live?

    5 ➜ Throw us your profiles

    LinkedIn, GitHub, a link to your blog, online portfolio or Twitter account (e.g. https://twitter.com/Getw1th) – whatever you want us to look at.

    6 ➜ What are you looking for?

    What would be your ideal role or position? What projects do your love? Feel free to mention a salary range, location, what you like/dislike in a boss, anything! This info will really help us understand what you want/need/love.

    7 ➜ What are your most outstanding skills?

    DTell us in which languages and frameworks you are a rock star (e.g. Javascript, Kubernetes, React, TDD, Python...).


    1,4 million devs analyzed!

     Report: The Tech sector in Madrid and BCN

    Can you imagine a report with all the information about the Tech sector in Madrid and Barcelona? Salaries, most wanted positions, number of offers?

    It's all said and done! In collaboration with Talent Up.👇