We want everyone to share in our

Our success is worth zero to us if it doesn’t also benefit others. That’s why we always share a percentage of what we earn to a social cause. And we would love for you to get on board any way you can!

BooksUp is helping young minds to flourish

We love this project! It’s effective, brilliantly operated and growing globally. BooksUp brings educational materials in English to developing nations. Collaboration is easy – and since there’s no giant bureaucratic spaghetti in the middle – your donations make a direct impact.

About Books Up

BooksUp is a Spanish NGO founded in 2013 that is mostly run by a network of European students who want to make sure children everywhere have the same access to education they do. BooksUp is already fully operational in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Malawi and Tanzania, and growing fast across the map.

How you can help

BooksUp welcomes all those books collecting dust on your shelves as well as financial support at every level. Their smart logistics network makes it easy to donate and to mobilize your donations fast. They will also love it if you spread the word generously across your networks!